13.10.2013 The Italian Touch Master collection seminar Farmington Hills ( Michigan)

Seminar namenjen frizerjem in stilistom. Seminar se bo odvijal v novi akademiji v Farmington Hills ( Michigan)




Live and Breathe Kemon.

The Kemon Academy is an unprecedented educational opportunity for hairdressers seeking to expand and transform their craft. In the state-of-the-art Kemon Academy, expert Team Kemon Coaches share Kemon’s technical and product knowledge to guide hairdressers through the dynamic world of Kemon Italian Hair Fashion. Courses are designed as both classroom and hands-on experiences in the international culture that defines Kemon’s cut, color, style and hair care philosophies.


Register for classes by calling: 800.362.6245



29683 W K Smith Dr.

New Hudson, MI 48165

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